Our Showermi$er range of products use extended stay technology by conserving both your fresh and grey water capacities by up to 40%.

The cold water that comes out of the shower head, would normally go down drain filling up your grey water tank.  By flipping a small lever, the cold water gets redirected back in to the water tank. 


With the Showermi$ers unique and patented colour changing technology, you will see that the hot water has arrived in approx 4 seconds.

For a quick overview of how this works click HERE

Our three exclusive Showermi$er products will conserve your water and are designed to suit your specific needs

  • SHOWERMI$ER In-Wall No Mixer SKC002 - ideal for when you have more space behind your shower wall to get to existing plumbing. Provides a nice clean finish to your shower utilising your existing tapware.


Top Reasons you MUST have a Showermi$er


-     Uses extended stay technology by conserving both your fresh & grey water capacities up to 40%


-     Conserves water which means you have an efficient, eco-friendly, waterwise product


-     Never step into a cold shower again


-     Redirects fresh clean water back into your tank instead of down the drain whilst heating


-     The unique and patented colour changing technology will show you in approx 4 seconds that hot water has arrived


-     The ‘tube/mushroom’ changes colour so you know when the water is hot


-     Weight saving


-     Easy installation


-     You can stay out free camping / bush for a day or two longer

Please note: 


  • You will need to drill into the shower wall through to the inside wall to connect to your plumbing system

  • Showermi$er's connect anywhere on the non pressurised side of the fresh water system to ensure the system works properly. We recommend you contact your local dealer for installation assistance

  • ​Our Showermi$er range are not Watermarked / Do not have a WELS Rating in Australia

At Topargee we want you to spend less time worrying about your tank capacities and more time having fun!