Water Tank Gauges 

Ever wondered, "Have I got enough water to stay another one or two days free camping?"

We have the solution – NO MORE GUESS WORK

Our three exclusive water tank models will count down your water usage by the litre/gallon and are designed to suit your specific needs

  •    H2F-FM Flush Mount - designed to provide a superior appearance as the display is in to you vehicle

Top Reasons you MUST have a Topargee Water Tank Gauge


-     Know your daily usage & how much water is left in your tank to the LITRE/GALLON 


-     Easy installation - fitted in water line, nothing fitted or drilled to the tank


-     The senders and electronics are compatible with all commonly available RV, Caravan and Marine water pumps


-     Work with gravity fed systems​


-     Each time you refill the tank, reset the display & it will countdown to the max capacity (stored on first use) showing you exactly the # of litres remaining


-     One unit can be used for multiple tanks as well as any size tank


-     Preferable to traditional full / half / empty displays


-     Can be used in conjunction with your current system to accurately know your capacity and usage


-     This is a MUST have for those loving the adventures of bush, free camping & boondocking