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 Water Tank Gauges 

Ever wondered how much water you have left in your tank or if you have enough water to stay another one or two days free camping?

We have the solution – NO MORE GUESS WORK

Our three exclusive water tank gauges will count down your water usage by the litre/gallon and are designed to suit your specific needs

  •    H2F-FM Flush Mount - designed to provide a superior appearance as the display is in your vehicle

Top Reasons you MUST have a Topargee Water Tank Gauge


-     Know your daily usage & how much water is left in your tank to the LITRE/GALLON 


-     Easy installation - fitted in the water line, nothing fitted or drilled to the tank


-     The senders and electronics are compatible with most RV, Caravan and Marine water pumps


-     Works with gravity fed systems​


-     Each time you refill the tank, you simply reset the display & it will countdown showing you the exact # of litres remaining in your tank


-     One unit can be used for multiple tanks that run through the same pump.  This is regardess of the size of the tanks


-     Preferable to traditional full / half / empty displays


-     Can be used in conjunction with your current system to accurately know your capacity and usage


-     This is a MUST have for those who love the adventures of bush, free camping & boondocking

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