H2F-SM Surface Mount Water Tank Gauge
  • H2F-SM Surface Mount Water Tank Gauge

    SKU: H2F-SM

    Specifications for Surface Mount






    AA Batt


    Double Sided Tape


    Standard Screen

    Sender Lead

    1.4 Meters

    Ext Lead Option


    All applications


    Display Gal or Litres



    Includes: 1.4m Sender Lead & ​AA batteries (Aus Only)


    Does not include: Hose connectors, see Connecting Sender Unit (pictures) noting sender leads cannot be cut and joined as this will void your warranty


    Extension leads must be used

    • Overview


      Our exclusive H2F-SM Surface Mount Water Tank Gauge - RV, Caravan & Marine model - is suited more to the DIY aftermarket.


      Perfect if you have no space to install a display screen as screen does not need to be installed.


      Our senders and electronics are compatible with all commonly available RV, Caravan & Marine water pumps and will even work with gravity fed systems.


      Installation is very simple. The sender is fitted to the hose line and there is nothing fitted to the tank.  This solves the problem of having to remove the tank, drill holes, remove filings, seal sender holes, ongoing cleaning/maintenance, etc.


      Ideal if you have multiple tanks or add more tanks at any stage you can simply change the programmed amount to suit your new capacity.


      The Topargee Surface Mount Water Gauge is a MUST for those loving the adventure of bush, free camping and boondocking as you will always know your daily water usage.


      To view the full Installation Guide click HERE

    • Top Reasons you MUST have a Surface Mount


      • Perfect if you have no space to install a display screen in your Caravan, Campervan or Motorhome as screen does not need to be installed


      • Easy installation, fitted in water line, nothing is fitted or drilled to the tank


      • Real time display as you use your water - takes the guess work out of your water supply


      • Stores the pre-set water capacity in memory, which is displayed in Litres or Gallons


      • Measures water flow as opposed to water volume


      • Monitor water usage whether in the shower, washing, turning the tap on


      • Lets you know how much water is left in your tank litre by litre from a pre-set amount, not full/half full/empty


      • Most traditional water gauges will give an inaccurate reading if you park on an angle


      • One unit for multiple tanks up to 99,999 litres


      • Cost effective - stop wasting water by filling up unnecessarily


      • You can plan your adventure more accurately