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Large Tripod - Octopus Legs

Large Tripod - Octopus Legs


Attachable Tripod/Light holder/ Phone Grip


Net weight: 260g

Model: Tripod

Camera interface: Conventional 1/4-20 screws

Color: Black

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Bearing weight: 2-5kg

Size: 47*47*245mm


  • Overview

    The large octopus tripod is universal, so it can be used for multiple purposes, such as securing your mobile phone or camera to take photos and videos, or connect your camping/travel lights when you are out adventuring.


    The tripod can connect to any device that has a 1/4" thread (standard tripod size).


    It has 2 gears which can be adjusted for either a smaller or larger footprint giving you more stability when used on the larger angle.


    The octopus legs allow you to attach the tripod to most surfaces by twisting the legs giving you a secure and stable platform.


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