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Wholesale SHOWERMI$ER Surface Mount SMC002

Wholesale SHOWERMI$ER Surface Mount SMC002


Included in the SHOWERMI$ER Surface Mount SMC002 Package:



1 diverter valve (Chrome)

1 custom-threaded through wall pipe

1 lock nut & washer to secure unit tightly against the shower wall


Not Included: Due to various lengths and installation points, return line, tank and pump connections  are not included. See your local dealer for parts and installation assistance.


Please Note: You will need to drill into the shower wall through to the inside wall to connect to your plumbing system.


Our Showermi$er range are not Watermarked / Do not have a WELS Rating in Australia.


  • Overview


    Our SHOWERMI$ER products are designed to help you save precious water and increase your time away from hook ups whilst travelling in your RV's, Caravans and Boats.


    Designed to connect anywhere on the non-pressurised side of your water system, simply connect to the shower outlet, the lever is flipped and the cold water is redirected from the shower back into the water tank whilst you wait for the water to heat up.


    This cold water would normally go down the drain filling up your grey water tank causing additional weight.


    With its unique and patented colour-change ability, you will be able to see in under 4 seconds (at normal room temperatures) that hot water has arrived.


    For further information, watch the step by step Installation video HERE 


    To view the full Installation Guide, click HERE


    To View Our Testimonials, click HERE


    Please contact us at Topargee if you are fitting a Showermi$er product with a Topargee Water Tank Gauge for special installation instructions. 


  • Top Reasons to have a Surface Mount


    • Uses extended stay technology


    • Conserves both your fresh and grey water capacities up to 40%


    • Saves water which means you have an efficient, eco-friendly, waterwise product 


    • Redirects fresh clean water back into your tank instead of down the drain whilst heating


    • Can be used nearly anywhere there is a HOT tap


    • Never step into a cold shower again


    • The ‘fitted blue tube’ changes colour so you know when the water is hot


    • Saves grey water tank capacity  


    • Weight saving


    • Easy installation


    • You can stay out free-range camping / bush for a day or two longer​​​​​​​

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