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12V Battery Cut-Off Switch

12V Battery Cut-Off Switch



  • Overview


    When you are away from your RV or caravan, you may have a number of devices still drawing power such as Gauges, Switch Relays, TV, Set Top Boxes, DVD Players, Standby Lights to name a few.


    Whilst each of these use very minimal power, the total can quickly add up to a sizable amount over a period of time.


    The 12V Battery Cut-off Switch allows you to disconnect your battery when you are away from your RV or caravan.


    So if you have forgotten to turn any lights off or any other power supplies this will completely alleviate this problem.


    By removing the red key and keeping it in your car or somewhere safe with you, you can switch off the power remotely.


    As we know leaving power on can be a big problem with some camper trailers and pop tops.

    This is a very simple solution to a widely unrecognised problem.

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