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Topargee’s Christmas Gift Guide, 2023

The holiday season is upon us once again, and what better way to show love and appreciation to our friends and family that are Caravan, RV and Camping enthusiasts than with thoughtful and practical gifts that enhance their travel experiences?

We've compiled a list of carefully curated gifts perfect for those who love the open road and outdoor adventures.

Whether you are hiking across the country and need an overnight shelter or you’re just camping in your own backyard, the Swammock, a combination of a Hammock and a Swag, is a great gift for those who like to hang out and relax. It’s versatile, durable and easy to set up. You can choose to hang it from nearby trees or on the ground, it weighs only 1.2kg and it packs down to the size of a shoebox in less than 5-10 minutes.

To ensure you are covered for all seasons, we have extended our Hiking Range to include a great selection of Large & XLarge Camping Blankets, a Self-Inflatable Mattress with Pillow (for those that like their creature comforts) and for those colder adventures, you can’t go past our newest addition, the Swammock Underquilt which will keep you nice and toasty on those winter trips.

We are loving our range of LED Lights which make the ultimate gift that we know will be used again and again.

First up for those who love those night-time adventures, you can’t leave home without our LED headlamp. Great for any night time activity or when you need to shine a little extra light on a project you’re working on in your RV Caravan, Motorhome or Home.

Next up is one of our most versatile lights, our multi-purpose Portable Foldable 180 Degree LED Light. Ideal for camping, caravanning, a table light for dinner, reading at night as well as a great photography light. The LED lighting kit is adjustable, lightweight and comes with a mini tripod which allows it to be used in many different ways. It also has a magnetic remote control, so you can be in control the light from wherever you are.

Finally, our small and compact Mini LED Light is practical and has some great features. It has 3 light settings and can be used in a variety of ways.

With its adjustable bracket, mountaineering buckle design and magnet on the back, you can choose to stand it on a flat surface, attach it to any metal object, or hang it on backpacks, belts, keys, or anywhere! Our favourite feature of all is that it has a bottle opener!

Exploring the great outdoors is often a dirty business and when you’re in a remote location you’re unlikely to have access to a hot warm shower. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? The Evershower is a portable, private shower that can be set up and packed away in as little as 2 minutes.

You can recirculate the water if you are heading off grid or have limited water or you can connect it to freshwater. Weighing only 8.5kg this gift is ideal for the traveller who likes to bring some of the little luxuries of home with them on the road.

Adventure Specific Games

Board games designed for RV, Caravan and Camping enthusiasts can provide entertainment on rainy days or quiet evenings by the campfire. Games like "Are We There Yet?" and "Camping with Sasquatch" can be great fun. For those on a road trip you should definitely try Getting Lost – you will end up in some weird and wonderful places. And of course, there are also all the old favourites like Uno with all its new variations and versions, Rummikub, and The Uzzle. You can have fun whilst enjoying time with friends and family.

National Park Pass

For those that seem to have everything they need for their adventures, how about an annual pass to national parks. This can be a thoughtful gift for those who love exploring the great outdoors. It provides access to some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the country.

So, we have given you some pretty cool ideas on what to buy for your friend or family member, but what about checking out our other Adventure Range products for some last-minute stocking fillers or Kris Kringle gifts?

From our range of cooking products, we have our Compact Foldable BBQ Grill Stand; the Aluminum Alloy Camping Pot Kit; for coffee lovers check out our Coffee / Tea Hanging Bags and of course not to forget our wine lovers you can’t go past our range of Wine Glass Stabilisers – we have something for everyone.

Gift Cards

If at the end of the day you’re still not quite sure what to buy, how about considering a gift card?

There are so many options ranging from outdoor adventure activities, such as hiking tours, kayaking rentals, or scenic train rides.

Other options include gift cards for campgrounds, petrol stations, or local camping stores.

Whether you are buying for a solo traveller or a family, there are plenty of choices to make their outdoor experiences even more enjoyable in 2024.

From the Topargee Team we wish you Happy Holidays, Happy Gifting and Happy Travels!

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