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5 Ways to Support Local Businesses and Communities When You Travel

Travelling is an excellent way to experience new cultures and cuisines but it is also an opportunity to do your part and support local businesses and communities. Whether you're exploring a new city or visiting a small village, buying from smaller vendors and shops can make a big difference to the local economy and help preserve the unique character of a place. We’ve shared some of our top tips for supporting local below.

1. Eat Local

Rather than opting for chain restaurants or fast food, dine at locally-owned restaurants. Seek out those restaurants in particular that serve traditional dishes made with regional ingredients. Not only will you have a special and authentic dining experience, but you'll also be supporting local farmers and food producers.

2. Buy Locally Made

When travelling, it's important to be mindful of how your actions impact the community. While big chain stores and tourist traps might be convenient, they often contribute to a loss of charm and every town starts to look and feel similar. Instead, search for treasures at local markets or small boutique shops with quirky names. From handmade crafts to locally-grown produce, you’ll discover a variety of goods that are unique to the area.

3. Stay With A Local

Stay at locally-owned accommodation rather than at a chain hotel or resort. Not only will you be supporting the little guy but you’re also more likely to experience local culture and get some great tips on the best places to eat and things to see and do.

4. Topargee is Local

When you buy from Topargee, you’re supporting local! We are an Australian owned and operated small business. We aren’t your typical big travel chain store. You won’t find us in capital cities across the country.

Topargee is made up of a small team of people that really care about what we do. We don’t try to sell you things for the sake of it. Our team thoughtfully select, test and sell products that we hope will make your travels more fun and enjoyable. A lot of consideration has gone into each and every item on our website. And we’re here to help answer questions or troubleshoot issues whenever you need us!

5. Topargee Supports Local

We truly believe that supporting local is the way to go so we do our best to stock products from local businesses we love.

Glass on the Grass’ Wine Glass Stabilisers are designed and made on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. They take the worry out of drinking wine at a picnic or campsite when setting your glass down on an uneven surface. No more spills! Made from BPA-free, partially recyclable resin, these glass stabilisers are produced in zero-waste conditions. Good for the locals and for our environment!

Fatmouth Handrail Pegs come from another Northern Beaches business. Drying washing when you’re travelling can often be a bit of a nightmare, but these pegs are perfect for holding and drying items on handrails wherever you are! This item is manufactured in Sydney from eco-friendly UV stabilised plastic and is another win for people and planet.

Supporting local when you travel is a must do, wherever you go in the world. Not only is it important for preserving culture and community but it is also a more interesting and authentic way to see the world.

Got a favourite local business you think we should know about? Share the details in the comments below.

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