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5 Swammock Worthy Reads

Our lives are busier than ever but it’s important to take the time out to just rest and relax. Give yourself the afternoon off every now and then! We recommend turning the screens off, setting up the Swammock in a nice quiet, shady spot and getting comfortable with one of these great reads. Don’t forget the snacks!

This story was recently adapted for the big screen and was directed by none other than Reese Witherspoon. However, hard core fans will always say the book is better. It’s part profound coming-of-age story, part haunting mystery and will have you on the edge of your seat. A guaranteed page turner, you’ll find it difficult to put it down.

Matthew Reilly has a knack for writing a fast paced action thriller and Ice Station is no exception. Set in Antarctica, Lieutenant Shane Schofield is your classic real world action lead - cool in a crisis, second to none combat skills and a heart of gold. After a team of divers go missing, Schofield is sent on a mission to discover what has happened and along the way battles assassins, wrangles killer whales and learns about a secret deep under the ice. Need we say more?

For better or worse, smartphones and the internet have undoubtedly changed the way we live our lives. But what would happen if a group of people decided to shun modern technologies and attempt to return to the way things were in the late 1940s? Set in Hobart, in present times amidst the grips of a recession, it begs the question - can nostalgia really defeat the future?

If you’re not already a fan of long-time crime writer, Harlan Coben, you will be after reading this. Wilde, aptly named because he was found living in the woods alone as a child, is pulled out of his quiet and isolated life to help with the case of a missing girl. This story has all the key ingredients of a Coben thriller - quick wit, unexpected twists and loveable characters you’ll feel an instant connection to.

You won’t look at the great outdoors in quite the same way after reading this one. Dara McAnulty is a 16 year old from Northern Ireland and a passionate environmentalist. He is connected to the natural world around him in ways few people are these days. The beautiful ways he describes the intricacies of the plants and animals he encounters throughout the seasons will inspire you to stop and reflect on what really matters.

Be sure to check out our best selling Swammock, the perfect place to spend an afternoon reading. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to set up and can hold up to 200kg, so there’s plenty of room for a friend!

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