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SMC002 Surface Mount Showermi$er Installation Guide

Installation Steps

  • The Showermi$er can be connected anywhere on the non-pressurised side of the freshwater system, ie the freshwater tank or the input (suction) side of the water pump

  • Simply remove the showerhead and attach the Showermi$er unit

  • Line up and mark where the return line will be

  • Drill a single hole (using a hole saw) in the shower wall through to the inside wall where the other plumbing is located

  • Using the provided lock nut and washer, tighten the Showermi$er snugly against the wall

  • Using a return line with a 1/2″ female pipe thread fitting, attach the return line to the Showermi$er unit

  • Lastly, connect the other side of the return line to anywhere it is convenient on the non-pressurised side of the freshwater system


CAUTION when switching lever back to shower, the water will be HOT







Our Showermi$er range are not Watermarked / Do not have a WELS Rating


Please Note: Due to continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

Downloadable Installation Guide

Showermiser Diagram.jpg
Showermiser Before after.jpg
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