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SMWC002 In Wall & Mixer Showermi$er Installation Guide

Installation Steps

  • The mixer unit has 2 inlet ports on the back 

  • One set (2 ports) is for the hot & cold-water inlets & is positioned so it is on the bottom

  • The other set (3 ports) are your outlets and are positioned so it is on the top


 The three outputs are as follows (order can be changed)

  1. The centre port goes straight up to the shower head

  2. The right port goes to your return line back to your water tank or inlet (suction) side of the water pressure pump

  3. The left port can be capped off or attached to the hand-held shower head/wand or other waterspouts and attachments

Magic Mushroom Installation

The Magic Mushroom (temperature indicator) can be fitted before the hot inlet to the mixer tap or to the return line to the water tank

  • Connect to either of the 1/2" sides of the provided clear plastic “T” piece

  • Use 3-5 turns of Teflon/Plumbers tape

  • The 3/4" side of the “T” goes through the wall to the front of the shower where the blue mushroom cap (provided in the kit) is installed as per the instructions below

  1. Screw 3/4" lock nut onto 3/4" male thread of the “T”

  2. Make sure the flat side is facing out towards the end of the threads. Screw it all the way down until it stops

  3. Slide rubber washer over 3/4" threads and press against the lock nut

  4. Wrap 2 to 3 turns of Teflon/Plumbers tape on the 3/4" end of the “T”

  5. Insert “T” into a predrilled 3/8" hole in the shower wall

  6. Screw Magic Mushroom onto the 3/4" thread

  7. Turn Magic Mushroom until snug then turn slightly more until logo is horizontal to the floor.


        8. Screw 3/4" lock nut towards the shower wall until snug against the backside of the wall.


CAUTION when switching lever back to shower, the water will be HOT

Make sure you note the position of your Water Tank Gauge sender if you have one

fitted already

Our Showermi$er range are not Watermarked / Do not have a WELS Rating


Please Note: Due to continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

Downloadable Installation Guide

Showermiser Mixer Drawing.jpg
Showermiser with mixer labels diag.png
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