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Water-wise Sustainable Travel Tips

Water-wise Sustainable Travel Tips

Travelling is ingrained in the Australian way of life and as the global pandemic continues to rule out overseas destinations, more and more of us are taking up the opportunity to explore our own backyard. We are loading up the cars, campervans and caravans and adventuring to the great outdoors like never before. As we discover and fall in love with the natural wonders of our country, how might we travel more sustainably and reduce our impact on our beautiful environment?

One pain point for a lot of campers and travellers is water, a precious resource that we often take for granted in our everyday life when it flows so easily from the tap. Unfortunately, due to the impacts of climate change and unpredictable rainfall patterns, it is becoming more and more necessary to make every drop count. Thankfully, there are a few different ways you can monitor and reduce the water you use when it comes to travelling off the grid.

Track Your Water Use with Water Gauges

When you go camping, it can be difficult to work out how much water to take with you. If you’re miles away from the nearest town, panicking about running out is the last thing you want when you’re trying to relax and enjoy your time away.

Water gauges are a great way to keep track of the water you’re using. However, most only give you limited insight into how much you have left with a simple full/half full/empty reading. We’ve all had that moment of surprise when the petrol gauge light starts flashing on the car dashboard and we have to divert quickly to the nearest petrol station. You don’t want that happening mid holiday, especially with something so essential as water.

With Topargee water gauges, you can track your water usage by the litre so there are no surprises. No more guesswork. You’re in control. It also means you can make sure everyone on the trip is using the water efficiently and sustainably. No one will get away with a sneaky long shower or an unnecessary full flush!

Shower Sustainably with Showermi$ers

Speaking of showers, don’t you hate it when you turn the tap on and watch helplessly as precious water flows down the drain while you’re waiting for the shower to heat up? What a waste! It’s even more painful when you’re camping and you’re very aware of your limited water supply. Fortunately, there is a sustainable solution.

The Showermi$er uses extended stay technology to conserve water. The device diverts the cold water back into the tank for reuse while the shower heats up. This increases your fresh water tank capacity by up to 40%. Fortunately you won’t have to wait too long for hot water to come through as the Showermi$er heats it up in under 4 seconds. You’ll know when your shower is ready because the pin turns striped blue-white. An innovative solution to a common travelling bugbear.

Water is a precious resource that we all need to use responsibly. With these two simple solutions, travelling sustainably makes sense, not just for the planet but for your peace of mind. Want to know more? Email us at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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