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Motorised Shut Off Valve Installation Guide

Water Hose Connections

  • Fit the valves to the hose line between the tank and where the hoses join in to one line before the pump

  • Please Note:  A "T" piece is normally the best fitting for this; One valve required for each tank;  ​Quality stainless steel valve approved for drinking water (fittings not included)








Wiring Code (refer diagram below)

  • RED wire to positive

  • BLUE wire to negative

  • YELLOW wire to positive, tank switch is fitted to this wire

  • Switch ON - the valve will open, then automatically power off when in place

  • Switch OFF - the valve will close, then automatically power off when in place


Wiring Diagram Options (refer diagram below)

  • Normal ON-OFF switches are all that is required - 3 Amp minimum


Please ​Note:

  • We recommend option 2 if you are having problems with water draining back into the tank when travelling

  • The valves will automatically close when the pump switch is turned off, so water cannot drain back into the tank

  • A non-return valve is then not required

​​Manual Override

  • Power MUST be turned OFF

  • Pull knob out about 3 mm and turn clockwise to SHUT and anticlockwise to OPEN

  • Indicator will show valve position

  • Remember knob MUST be pushed back in when finished

Wiring Diagram












Example of Valves Fitted to Jayco Silverline Chassis​


Additional Information

  • We recommend some form of protection from stones if fitted under the RV

  • If case is opened, the waterproof warranty will be void

Please Note: Due to continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

Downloadable Installation Guide

Valve Water Drawing.jpg
Valves Dimensions BLUE.jpg
Valves Fitted Image.jpg
Motorised Shut Off Valve Wiring Pic.png
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