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Our Story

At Topargee, we sell a range of quality RV, Caravan and Marine products designed to enhance your camping and travel adventures.


Our exclusive Topargee water gauges and flow meters make travelling off the grid simpler and more sustainable. These products help you to effectively manage your water use and tank capacity for a stress free camping experience.


We also offer a variety of carefully selected adventure accessories for those who like to travel in style. 

In April 2022, we purchased EverShower - a portable private shower that can provide you with a hot/cold shower virtually anywhere using as little as 3 litres of water.  This builds on our range of sustainable products.


Originally established in 2013, by Wayne and Jan Kelly, Topargee is now owned and managed by an all female team - Australian entrepreneurs Danielle Wayne and Kylie Trabona.


Longtime friends and business partners, we are passionate about travel and sustainability, and we love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors with our family and friends.


We’re excited about building a community of water-wise travellers and supporting our customers to spend less time worrying about their tank capacities, and more time having fun!

Giving Back

Ever wondered, "Have I got enough water to stay another one or two days?". When free camping, we all know the importance of keeping track of exactly how much water is left in your tanks.

Our range of products help you to conserve water which means you have a choice of efficient, eco-friendly, waterwise options to purchase.

Topargee are proud to offer our own exclusive product range of water tank gauges and flow meters and are the Australian and New Zealand agent for a number of quality products in the RV, Caravan and Marine markets.


Visit our online shop for our full range - from our three exclusive Water Tank Gauges, our range of Showermi$ers, Flow Meters and Accessories.


At Topargee we want you to spend less time worrying about your tank capacities and more time having fun

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