H2F-FCU38DFM Fuel Flow Meter
  • H2F-FCU38DFM Fuel Flow Meter


    Specifications for Fuel Flow Meter






    12 Volt Only


    Recessed Mount


    Larger Backlit

    Sender Lead

    1.4 Meters

    Ext Lead Option


    Connection Size

    3/8” BSP Male

    Flow Rate Display

    0.8 - 15 LPM


    Max 8 bar (116 psi)


    0 - 40℃ (32 -104℉)

    Suitable for Fuel


    Suitable for Water


    Display Gal or Litres



    Includes:1.4m Sender Lead


    Does not include: Hose connectors, see Connecting Sender Unit (pictures) noting sender leads cannot be cut and joined – this will void your warranty


    Extension leads must be used

    • Overview

      The Topargee Flow Meters are designed to be fitted into water or fuel lines to display flow per minute and total litres used as well as total transferred between tanks.


      This flow meters is perfect for marine, water filters, irrigation, electronic projects and fuel transfers, however will not record return line


      For those installing in your boat's fuel line this will allow to you to drive more economically.


      The H2F-FCU38DFM Fuel Flow Meter is more suited to a fuel transfer pump. The display will show fuel per minute and total transferred between tanks.


      The LCD polarised display on the fuel flow meter is designed to be only visible when viewed from an angle just below horizontal the display then becomes extremely clear to read.


      Key Information:


      Flow will be restricted if maximum flow rate is exceeded. Check BEFORE fitting


      To view the full Installation Guide click HERE

    • Key Benefits

      • Suitable for petrol, diesel and water


      • Measures fuel transferred between tanks


      • Measures total fuel/water used & flow rate


      • 12 Volt DC


      • LCD Polarised Display


      • Counts total number of litres up to 99,999 litres 


      • Current flow rate in LPM


      • Can display in Litres or Gallons


      • Low battery power alert


      • Automatic data memorised when battery power is off​​​​​​​